Don’t Say I Never Told You About This!

Years ago, a very time-sensitive but potentially very lucrative opportunity presented itself to me.

I was very excited about it and told all my friends about it and encouraged them to join me and share in the wealth. A few did join with me. Most had excuses why they couldn’t. You know, “No Time”, “No Money”, “No This”, “No That”. Some even laughed at me and said “That will never work”.

To make a long story short: It was very successful!

I made lots of money! My friends who joined me made lots of money!

But how about the ones who didn’t join me?

Well, this is the craziest part of the story. A lot of them came up to me after it was all over and asked me, “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” My answer, of course, was, “I did tell you about it.”

Then they would say, some using different words but the gist of it was the same,

Yes, you told me, but you didn’t TELL ME!!!!!

Evidently they were unhappy that I didn’t bang them over the head or something and force them to join me. They all wish that they had joined me when I first asked them.

Well, I don’t bang people over the head. I just lay out what I’m doing, and why. It’s up to you to decide if you want to join with me or not. If you decide that you don’t want to join with me, that’s fine. My job is over with you. Just don’t ever say that I didn’t tell you about this.

“We have to say NO to a lot of good ideas so we have time for the Great Ones.”

This is a Great One!

Recently there was a special emergency webinar during which a BRAND NEW BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY was unveiled that can literally take you and your team to the next level financially. This is new technology that all in the know sales and marketing leaders will be using soon. If you don’t share this with your team and others, somebody else will.

Now is the time to get ahead of the pack!

Go to this information page:

Email me if you have any questions.

Talk soon!

Peter Regan

Peter Regan Marketing Consultant

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