How to Use Text Marketing to Build Your MLM Business

Use Text Marketing to Build Your Business

Are you using Text Marketing to build your Network Marketing business?

Text messages is another valuable tool that you definitely want in your MLM Business Building Toolbox.


Get ready for some very alarming and eye-opening statistics:

Did you know that email, which is still a very valuable and powerful tool to use to build your business, has an average Open Rate of about 5%? That is, if you’re lucky and have a good list to mail to. And people tend to check their emails when they get around to it, hours or even days later.

Compare that to Text Messages which have an Open Rate of over 95%! And people check their text messages IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.

Can you imagine?

Have you ever seen anyone NOT check a text message immediately as soon as they receive it?

Of course not, neither have I!

If you want to get someone’s attention . . . SEND THEM A TEXT!

So how do take advantage of this advanced technology that you’re most likely carrying around already?

Here are two ways you can get started. One for your warm market and one for your cold market.

For your warm market, you can use text messages to set up a face to face meeting with someone you already know. Start with a simple text that says something like “Let’s meet for coffee”. When you get a reply that says something like “Sure, when?” all you have to do is agree on a place and time that is convenient to the both of you. Once you agree on the place and time, I recommend that you send one more message that says something like “I have something to show you” or “I need your opinion on something”.

The purpose of that last message is to give your friend a heads up that there’s something on your mind other than just catching up on old times. So you won’t completely blindside him or her when you start pitching your opportunity. If you don’t do that, you run the risk of being accused of using Bait and Switch tactics, something that you definitely don’t want to happen. It won’t help your business and it could lose you some friends.

For your cold market which includes people who you’ve never met before and are complete strangers, there are systems you can use to reach out to these people and invite them to SEND YOU a text message in order to receive information that they want to see.

Usually it’s done by asking people to text a keyword to a phone number. The system then texts back a confirmation text. Once the person replies to the confirmation, you have permission to send your message by text to that person. You can tell people personally to do this, use printed materials, social media, or any other way you can think of to get the message out.

Once people give you permission to send them texts, they are on your list and they remain there until they opt out. So you can send them information on your company, your products, or anything else you would like to send them information on. I don’t recommend that you overdo it though. Keep your texts relevant and don’t send out too many texts in a short period of time. Too many texts and they’ll be opting out very fast.

Here’s an example of how I use this:

One of the ways that I get people (strangers) to come to this page is by tweeting on Twitter the message:

Learn how to use text messages to build your MLM business. Text “MLMER” to 44244

It’s simple and effective. Only people who are interested in this subject of building their MLM business and are open to looking into new ways of doing it are going to reply to this. And these are the only people that I want to answer this because those are the people I want to focus on with this message and they are the people who can benefit most from this information. I don’t have to waste any time with people who are not interested in this subject.

Isn’t this beautiful?

The people that I’m interested in reaching are requesting that I send them my information!

What could be better?

Do you think this could benefit you and your business?

It’s really pretty simple to set up and there’s a way that you can try it free and actually send up to 200 text messages for free. That way you can find out if this is something you would like to add to your MLM Business Building Toolbox or not . . . and it won’t cost you a penny! At the end of 30 days, if you decide to continue with the service, they will bill you. If you decide it’s not for you, you opt out and it never cost you anything.

Click on the link below for your FREE TRIAL.

**IMPORTANT** Once you open the page, you will see three options for membership. One is completely free forever, the other two offer the first month FREE. You want to choose the PREMIER LEVEL so you will get your 200 Texts for FREE. If you decide to continue after 30 days, you can switch to one of the lower levels if you wish but the PREMIER LEVEL is the only one that gives you 200 Texts for FREE during your Trial Period. The Text Message Marketing feature is kind of hidden away in the list of features on the website so you have to be a bit of a sleuth to find it among the other features. Just go to the top of the page that you land on and click on “What You Get”.

One more thing: This Text Marketing System is part of my MLM Business Building Toolbox that I use everyday and recommend to everyone who is serious about building their business. If you have any questions about this system or need help implementing it in any way, please feel free to contact me.

To get your FREE Trial, go to:

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