Live and Teach The Concept of Transfer Buying

Buy From Yourself
               Buy From Your Own Store

Live and Teach The Concept of Transfer Buying

One of the most important success ingredients in Network Marketing is the concept of Transfer Buying. To be a true leader in your company and develop a significant business requires that you consistently buy and use as many of your company’s products as practical. This is critically important because product knowledge will help you represent the products with honesty and integrity. Your personal endorsements are also very important.

Transfer Buying simply means transferring your purchases from where you previously bought similar products to your own store that your Network Marketing company has provided for you. Instead of buying those items that you have traditionally purchased from other sources, you now buy them from yourself. It is just plain common sense and good business! Why give profits to someone else that you can give to yourself? Transfer Buying does not mean you are spending additional money, it just means that you are buying your products from a different supplier . . . Yourself!

As you build your Network Marketing Business, one of the first things you want to coach your downline members about is the concept of Transfer Buying. To launch Transfer Buying simply take your company’s catalog or list of products and visit every area of your home to determine which products you can purchase from yourself as opposed to the local supermarket or wherever you used to buy those product. Make a list of those products that you continuously purchase and use every month. Discipline yourself to break the old habit of purchasing from others. Purchase from your own “store” and watch your business grow.

Following are some real benefits of Transfer Buying:

•Treat yourself to cost effective and superior products.
•Become expert in all products and create your own personal testimonials.
•Help your downline members build their business effectively through Transfer Buying.
•Increase your monthly volume substantially.
•Lead by example and show others the foundational concept of Transfer Buying.
•Gain the many advantages of movement to higher management levels.
•Greatly enhance your earning power.
•Position yourself to earn more.

Practice Transfer Buying!

The concept simply makes sense!

Teach Transfer Buying to all of your downline members and it will bring stability to your business as well as increased long term residual income.

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