Some Success Advice From Woody Allen

Woody Allen has been around for a long time and he has had many interesting things to say. One quote that we can all ponder on is:


80% of Success is just showing up . . . Woody Allen

So simple . . . but yet so profound.

How many people get ready to do great things . . . but then they just don’t do them . . . they just don’t show up!

Is that you?

Is that what’s holding YOU back?

I can’t count how many people I’ve seen over the years who have joined a program . . . and then did nothing.

Or who bought, and paid good money for, a course or book on how to better their lives financially . . . and never opened it!

Yes, they had good intentions, but they never followed through. They never showed up when it counted.

Imagine getting the job you’ve been searching for your entire life . . . and then not showing up for it . . . even on the first day.

It’s impossible to succeed doing that . . . but that is exactly what so many people do.


If you ask them, they’ll rationalize some excuse, but you know it goes deeper than that.

They lack Belief. They lack Commitment. They lack Accountability.

And they probably lack a lot of other things as well, but they’ll never get those other things if they can’t get the three above.

It’s so sad.

So many people don’t realize what could have been . . . if they JUST SHOWED UP!

So how can we help these people and ourselves?

Belief and Commitment must come internally but many times accountability works better externally than internally.


Because if you’re accountable to someone else . . . if you have to answer to someone else . . . all of those rationalizations that are going on inside your head, and are keeping you from achieving your true potential, will no longer be valid. Your excuses for not showing up will no longer work. In fact, they’ll probably start sounding downright silly when you start verbalizing them to someone else.

Why do you think so many top athletes and top performers in every field have coaches?

Do you really think that the tennis player who won Wimbledon last year needs some coaching on how to hit a tennis ball?

These top performers know that they HAVE TO show up every time . . . and their coaches help them do that.

They’re just like you, me, and everyone else. Everyone has their ups and downs, but the high performers keep showing up . . . and showing up . . . even when they don’t feel like it.

What’s the secret?

They have an Accountability Coach that they have to answer to. And if they do . . . they will show up and their chances of achieving success are greatly improved. Because as Woody Allen says, “80% of Success is just showing up”.

If you’re not “Showing Up”, get yourself an Accountability Coach.

To your Success . . .

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