Sometimes We Find Opportunity In The Most Unlikely Places

Sometimes we find Opportunity in the most unlikely places.

When I was growing up in Massachusetts in the 1950’s, my mother was an Avon Lady. She would go door to door around the neighborhood and beyond collecting orders and submitting one big order to Avon.

When the order came in, the boxes would take up an entire room in our house. My younger sister and I would help sorting and bagging the orders. Then my mother would go deliver the orders. It was a lot of work but my mother was willing to do it because of the rewards she was receiving from Avon.

My mother brought my older sister into the Avon business and my older sister eventually brought my younger sister into the business.

So I’ve been familiar with and used Avon products for virtually my entire life.

But I never, ever thought that it was a business that I would be interested in doing.

First of all, I always thought that it was strictly for women. After all, it was the “Avon Lady”. I had never known of or seen an “Avon Man”.

Secondly, I remembered all the work my mother did in her business. I didn’t want to do that and definitely never wanted to go door-to-door looking for business. That was the image of Avon that I had in my mind.

Unfortunately, my mother and sisters are gone now so I had become a little out of touch with Avon over the last few years. Although I’ve continued to use the products and would buy from a local Rep whenever I came across one.

As I got closer to retirement, I started to look for something that I could do to enhance my retirement financially as well as something that I could enjoy doing that wouldn’t take up all of my time,

Most unexpectedly, just at that time, I received an email inviting me to become an Avon Rep . . . and it was by a MAN! The first man that I ever heard of who sold Avon.

Of course, I still had that old image of the Avon business in my head, so I quickly declined without even hearing the whole story and continued my search. But at least I knew that the Avon Opportunity was now open to men as well as women.

But then, about two years later, I came across a video on You Tube by Avon Rep Emily Seagren entitled “How to Sell Avon Online”.

That immediately peaked my curiosity so I watched the video and learned that a lot of things had changed at Avon. It had really kept up with the times.

In fact, now it is called “New Avon” and it is now one of the most progressive companies that I have ever seen.

It’s online store, that every new Rep gets and can personalize, is just beyond description! It’s simple to use and offers just about every tool you will ever need to build a successful Avon business online . . . without all of that knocking on doors and leaving catalogs everywhere like so many Avon Ladies used to do.

New Avon has retooled and infused itself with more talent, innovative programs, incentives, and many more ways for Reps to make money.

New Avon has truly become:

A Ground Floor Opportunity

with a

130 Year Old Billion Dollar Company! 

Once I understood the power of the New Avon Opportunity, I wanted to jump on the opportunity. I thought it would be only fair to join under the first person who had asked me to join Avon, so I tracked down the Avon Man who had initially approached me a few years earlier. It turns out that he had moved on from Avon because it just wasn’t working out for him. When he had approached me, Avon was still more or less the Old Avon. All of the changes had not come yet. New Avon didn’t exist then. If I had heard the whole story then, I probably wouldn’t have joined anyway.

So I joined with Emily Seagren. This has proven to be a very fortuitous turn of events for me. Emily has built her business just the way I wanted to build a business. I was very lucky to find her. She has tons of knowledge and training available for me to learn from and if you join with me everything she has to offer will be available to you too.

So if you join with me, you’ll have New Avon, Emily Seagren, and me supporting you. Two highly motivated individuals and a highly motivated company working in your corner to help you build your own successful Avon business.

I invite you to join me on what could be a very prosperous and exciting journey for you.

Get the facts for yourself and see if this is for you. Get more information and learn how you can get started by following this link to my Avon Online Store that Avon provides to me at no additional cost, just for becoming an Avon Rep. You will be given a similar online store that you can personalize with your own information:

Click on the “This Is Boss Life” image.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with you.

To Your Success,

Peter Regan

Avon Representative


P.S. You can join for a one time payment of as little as $25. You get a kit worth over $80 which includes everything you need to get started plus a selection of products, samples, catalogs, and your very own Online Avon Store. Most people who take a serious look at it are just amazed at the potential of this tremendous opportunity that they overlooked for so long.