Stay In It For The Long Run

It's a Marathon!

This seems so basic and simple that you may be wondering why I am taking the time to write about it.

Well, basically it’s because so many people, especially new recruits just don’t understand it. And I was guilty of it too. Some people just never understand it. Network Marketing is a marathon not a sprint!

In order to receive long term Residual Income, you have to be in it for the long run. If you’re always starting and stopping or jumping around from opportunity to opportunity your chances of building anything of long lasting value is very low.

My first exposure to Network Marketing was in 1972. Once I saw those circles drawn on a board, I just couldn’t get them out of my head. But unfortunately, partly due to a lack of proper training, my lack of understanding of the business, and my youthful inability to see beyond the end of my nose, I did not take full advantage of the opportunity that was presented to me. I started and stopped. Started and stopped again. I jumped around from opportunity to opportunity, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t achieve any notable success.

It wasn’t until 1990 that it all started to come together. I had started learning from those who had done it before me. Attending trainings, reading books, listening to tapes, cassettes and records. Yes, RECORDS! Does anyone even know what those are anymore? The training taught me what to do but the most important lesson was to understand what you do on a particular day could have an effect on your future and that all of your actions are cumulative. A series of small, insignificant seeming actions could have a profound effect on your future, especially your financial future.

What I learned was to look to the future and plan for the future. This changes your thought process completely. If you know which actions give you the best chances of building a long-term Residual Income and you do them on a daily basis, you will succeed. Regardless if those actions work or don’t work on any particular day. It completely removes the stress of having to produce results every time you perform an action. Stress-free is a much more relaxing way to work!

So the lesson is pick your opportunity and commit to stay with it. Learn what actions you need to do and enjoy doing to build your business and do them regularly. The key here is things that you enjoy doing so you’ll want to do them and then it will be easier to do them for the long term. Get training, keep learning, adapt. Learn to adapt to a changing world and especially to changes in technology. Over time you will make changes in how you do things but not in what you do. Keep up with it.

So how has this worked for me? I received my first Residual Income Check in December, 1990 and have received Residual Income every month ever since . . . like clockwork! Of course, I hardly ever receive checks anymore. Everything is deposited directly into my bank account.  A change that I very much approve of.

And how have I adapted? Well look at this: my FIRST BLOG! I had thought about starting a blog for some time but didn’t know how to do it and didn’t know where to go for training. Finally a course came along that made it easy for me to go along step by step to build a blog. I have to thank Ray Higdon for that course and MLSP for the Blogging system that they put together that makes it possible to create a blog that really looks and feels like a blog. I highly recommend them both. If you have ever thought about starting your own blog but just didn’t know how to get started, I recommend you check this out:

This is exciting! I look at this as a giant step forward and I intend to talk about what I have learned over my years in Network Marketing as well as anything valuable that I can pass on to you that will help you receive more long term Residual Income.

I invite you to come along with me on this new journey. This is a work in process that I’m sure you will enjoy and get some value from.

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