Award-winning actress Sofia Vergara and Avon announce a partnership to launch So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara, a vivacious new fragrance. Launching in the fall exclusively through Avon, So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara captures her passion and confidence as well as her belief that you should never take life too seriously.

The floral-based fragrance speaks to today’s strong, powerful, beautiful modern woman. The warm, fruity scent encourages fans to never be afraid to be their true selves. So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara draws inspiration from a bold woman: one who is her own muse and who encourages others to live life with passion. Both feminine and powerful, she’s not afraid to flaunt her beauty, and is always true to herself. The fragrance combines feminine fruits with tropical florals and bold fragrant herbs for an enticing scent. Opening with juicy notes of ripe passion fruits the scent then evolves to reveal a heart of delicate Flor de Mayo Orchid, the national flower of Colombia—Sofia’s native country.

“Avon’s mission is incredibly important to me,” says Sofia. “Since its founding, the brand has offered women a way to build themselves up and achieve financial security, and that’s something I strongly believe in. Making this fragrance available exclusively through Avon is my way of supporting that goal. I want to help empower each woman to take control of her life, and gain the confidence and ability to achieve her dreams.”