How to generate endless leads using Twitter

How to generate endless leads using Twitter

Stop and imagine for a moment being able to bullet proof your business by harnessing the power of Twitter to generate live leads flowing in 24/7, people eager to find out more about you and what you have to offer… joining your mailing list…and buying your products.

With the Lead Generation secrets I am about to share with you…

  • You will save massive amounts of time.
  • You will leverage very powerful marketing technology
  • You will have a very clear & powerful advantage over your competitors who either do not know these secrets, or are just too plain ‘cheap’ to invest in marketing their business.

It all starts with these 3 words ‘Grow. Share. Engage’ because…

When you remove all the clutter and fluff these are the 3 most important things to focus on with Social Media Marketing.

You must be constantly GROWING your targeted Followers

In simple terms the more people (who are engaged in your niche) that you have exposure to, the more opportunities you will have to develop business relations with them. Make sense? Great! Now… can help you grow a highly targeted following via these 2 incredibly powerful time-saving tools:

1. SMARTBuilder

This has proven to be a very reliable and fast, push-button way to organically increase your Followers…while simultaneously generating Traffic and Leads! Not only is it fast, but we run all Followers through industrial-strength filters to get you the best quality, most qualified Followers possible…while discarding all the Bots and garbage.

Click HERE to use this incredible tool 100% FREE forever.

2. SMARTFollow

Everyone knows that “time is money” so that is why we have developed to this service to place the burden of gaining Followers on the shoulders of our team – not yours. This service targets your specified niche and builds your Followers for you. Watch your Followers grow totally hands-free – right before your eyes!

Click HERE – Join FREE and try SMARTFollow FREE for 14 days. We have a dirty big cancel button in clear view for you to quit anytime!

While (with the secrets we teach you) it is totally possible to generate leads and traffic just by the act of increasing your Twitter Followers…

You must constantly and consistently SHARE valuable content that is informative, entertaining or inspirational to your audience.

You cannot BORE people into trusting you and eventually buying your stuff!

Also you must be very careful not to ram your business down people’s throats as I discuss in this post here.

There is a reason it is called Social Media and NOT Sales Media – people flock to these sites to share, to chat, to be entertained and informed…in other words…to be Social..

So what can you do?

Studies have shown that one of the best content posting formulas to keep yourself in your Followers’ “good books” is the following ratio:

  • 40% of your tweets should be 3rd party content that you gather from around the web (share links to articles and helpful tips pertinent to your audience). This can also include retweets from big players in your niche.
  • 40% third of your tweets should be engagement based (quotes, personal observation and commentary etc.)
  • And finally 20% (or roughly 1 in 5) of your tweets can be tastefully self-promotional.

Now I realize this sounds like a truckload of extra work for you. And I understand that you do not have all day to devote to posting Tweets.

Luckily we have 2 brilliant tools to help make this as pain-free and streamlined as possible for you.

1. SMARTPost

Built for busy marketers, this is hands down the easiest and most efficient fully-automated Social Posting Tool on the market. Unlike other scheduling products, we offer you a hassle free scheduling process! While your competitors are slaving over creating and posting content daily…you could quite literally schedule 6 months worth of posts for your business in a single afternoon!

And as a major bonus to you we have pre-loaded a ton of highly engaging and valuable content for you to use right out of the box!

2. SMARTContent

With only a few clicks of your mouse, this one-of-a-kind tool enables you to curate niche specific YouTube video content to be scheduled and posted automatically on your Twitter feed, Facebook fan page or on LinkedIn.

What makes this truly unique is that the videos are framed in a fully customizable sales page, which we call a “Stage”, that is totally branded to you, keeping your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Click Here to see a sample Stage and imagine your banners and site/capture page embedded there also.

You must respond to and ENGAGE with your audience in a timely manner.

Of course no Social Media-based lead generation strategy would be complete without a powerful productivity tool to streamline your engagement with your Followers who have shown an interest in you and your content.

Once again has you covered with…


Save time and never miss an important prospect/customer engagement ever again!

The magic behind the SMARTFeed inbox is that it brings all your Twitter Mentions, Retweets, Direct Messages and New Follower notifications from ALL your Twitter profiles into a single, central stream inside Staged. From there you can engage and respond from one central interface.

Take action and start generating leads today!

You have stuck around and read down to here, and that already indicates an above-average in leveraging powerful strategies and technology to generate more brand visibility and leads for your business – well done;)

I encourage you to take one more baby step right now and sign up for a Free Account of HERE and let’s get you started growing your customer base using one of the most influential and arguably one of the most powerful Social Media platforms in existence – Twitter.

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