What is THE best Lead Magnet for Network Marketers?

What is THE best Lead Magnet for Network Marketers?

It is no secret that if you are using the Internet to build your Network Marketing business then you NEED to be capturing your prospects’ details so that you can follow up with them and build a relationship.


The first reason, to put it bluntly, is that most Network Marketing company sites (despite their best intentions) suck at converting your prospects into new customers or reps. Think of it this way – if they didn’t suck and easily converted visitors into sales then why would they need you?

If you send your prospects directly to your company site (without capturing their details somehow)…. it is highly likely you will NOT generate a sale and then most of them will vanish in a puff of smoke never to be seen again – along with the time and money you took to get them there.

Secondly, after a first date, 99.99% of couples do not drop everything and get married. Most sane people need to date for a while to build trust, develop a strong connection, and make sure that the other is not a total whack-job;)

The same goes with nurturing your relationship with your new prospects. They just met you, and the majority of them will not be ready to join your business, or make a purchase immediately BUT over time, as trust develops these people will move from strangers, to your warm market and turn into sales.

The problem with conventional Lead Capture Pages…

Quite often the lead capture pages your company supply you are lame and since everyone is using them you are indirect competition with everyone else in the company, and they tend to saturate the market quickly.

Secondly, prospects these days are not dumb and can ‘smell a trap from a mile away’and they know that once they enter an email they will be relentlessly emailed to forever and a day.

Therefore – for your lead capture page to be effective…

Your ‘Lead Magnet’ (incentive) must be very strong to get them to enter a real email otherwise they will also wriggle off the hook and click away from the page.

Now here is why the Staged.com suite of Smart Tools makes such a powerful Lead Magnet for you:

  • Staged is NOT a lead capture form that instantly puts people on guard. Instead it is a very powerful, business-building software, that you can give away for FREE.

“Useful, time-saving Software will ALWAYS have a much higher perceived value than an ebook, free report or email course.”

  • When someone becomes a FREE user of Staged from your referral link you will get a ‘Lead Notification’ email with their name and email to contact them.

Staged gives you something very special to engage your new prospects about.

Instead of sending them something that competes with whatever they are already doing (setting up resistance and tension) you build a relationship with them by helping them to use Staged.

A simple message like the one below now positions you as someone who can help them build their business – a person of value NOT a competitor:

“Hey I see you signed up for Staged. I am finding it excellent and have some handy tips and tricks for it if you need any help. Just let me know”

  • Staged then constantly emails your new FREE users helpful training information, blog posts etc and subtly persuades them to upgrade and EARN YOU a monthly commission.

Yes! Staged pays you recurring income to generate leads…

If you are a paying member of Staged (min $9 per month) then you have FULL access to our Affiliate Program and get:

33% commission on level one and 12% on level 2 every month that your people remain active paying members.

Even if your prospect says ‘NO’ to your main business you can earn a monthly commission from them using Staged!

We have people covering Staged fees and their primary MLM fees just from the commissions they make from us.

Quick Recap..

  • When you promote Staged the leads you generate are motivated people – who obviously understand that they will need to market to be profitable! This alone should excite you!
  • You are positioning yourself as a person of value – someone who can help them, AS OPPOSED to someone trying to pull them into your deal.
  • You can reach out and build a relationship around helping them maximize Staged. Then you can softly lead them to your business after you have earned their trust!
  • You are not competing with every other person in your company using the same lead capture pages.
  • Your lead generation can be a profit center for you – instead of a cost! Staged pays you very handsome recurring commissions for every paying user you refer.

And something that I know affects ALL Networkers…

  • When your new recruits come to you asking ‘Ok I joined now what do I do?’ you can have them join Staged and do what you do to generate leads and income.

You will never be at a loss for a Marketing/Lead Generation System to give your new recruits to build their (your) business!


If you are someone not just wasting your time treating Network Marketing as a hobby BUT actually treat it like a business then you will want and need to leverage the use of powerful business building tools.

  • You will save massive amounts of time!
  • You will leverage very powerful marketing technology, and have a very clear & powerful advantage over your competitors who either do not know about us, or are just too plain ‘cheap’ to invest in marketing their business.

Let’s put it another way. Let’s say you were walking into battle with a .38 Special and knew that a six-barreled, 7.62 mm, 5000 round-per-minute mini-gun was available, wouldn’t you ditch the tiny pistol and grab the bullet-spitting beast? Only a fool would not.

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