You’re Already Doing It Anyway, Why Not Get Paid For It?

What if you could save money on the products that you use in your home and already buy anyway?

And what if you could get higher quality, longer lasting products for that same savings?

Would you be interested in learning more?

Do you use any of these products?

Toothpaste . . . Shampoo . . . Cereals / Oatmeal . . . Coffee . . . Tea . . . Protein Bars . . . Crackers . . . Vitamin / Mineral Supplements . . . Popcorn . . . Gum . . . Mints . . . Laundry Detergent . . . Fabric Softener . . . Dishwasher Detergent . . . Hand Soap . . . Window Cleaner . . . Antacid . . . Shaving Cream . . . All-Purpose Cleaner . . . Energy Drinks . . . Cough Syrup . . . Makeup . . . Deodorant . . . Tub & Tile Cleaner . . . and the list goes on . . .

Of course you use some of these products regularly, don’t you? Everybody does!

And the list is even longer. If you would like to take a minute and have some fun, Click Here to see how you score on using these products.

So how do you start saving?

You join a club. A club similar to Costco or Sam’s club . . . only better.

It’s the largest online wellness shopping club in North America!

If you join and place a qualifying order this month, you will receive $20 in FREE PRODUCTS!

Plus . . .

They have a unique program to help you learn more about their products by watching short, two to five minute videos. You can receive up to $100 in FREE PRODUCTS!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? So why do they do that?

It’s a simple but BRILLIANT concept . . .

They know from experience that if you get started ordering from them and learn how much quality and value you actually get from their products, then you will continue to order from them.

And it works! In fact the re-order rate is 96%! That means that 96% of the people who order in one month will order again the next month. There are people who have ordered every month for over 25 years! Yes, it’s that good!

So how do you get more information and get started?

The very best way is to call me directly. Let’s talk. My personal phone number is below. I’ll be able to answer any questions you might have.

I’ll also be able to tell you how you can actually get paid by the company when other people join the club even if you never, ever tell anyone about the club. It’s really a unique system that they have developed and you can benefit from.

However, if you prefer to watch a short video first, go to:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Regan


Peter Regan Marketing Consultant