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Today I interview a student who only recently bought the Proven Amazon Course and he’s not even really dug into it yet.

But get this – He’s built an amazing business using the Amazon REPLENS Strategies that we teach in our community. He’s done it all simply by listening to our free podcast and hanging out in our free Facebook Group (here’s the link to all podcast episodes)

I think it’s a huge testament to the generosity and ABUNDANCE MINDSET of the members of our community that we see great stories like this emerging consistently around here!

He did make some big mistakes that he could have avoided had he come into our community sooner (i.e. he made the big mistake of trying to get into private label as a new seller – a huge error), but he’s on a great path now and he loves this community!

He’s finding profitable inventory, scaling nicely…and he’s set to grow rapidly in 2023 now that he’s armed with “PAC”!

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