Riding A Camel In Morocco . . . Thinking Of You!

Ride a camel in Morocco . . . Thinking of You!

Yes! I was riding a camel in Morocco . . .

And Yes! I was thinking of You!

It was quite awhile ago that I was riding that camel in Morocco and at the time, there’s a good chance that I didn’t even know who you were.

But I was thinking of you because I was thinking of all of the people who could be, but weren’t with me on that truly fantastic trip of a lifetime.

Have you ever thought about it?
Probably not . . . right?
Who thinks about riding a camel in Morocco?
And . . . I have to admit . . . I had never thought about riding a camel in Morocco ever in my entire life. It just wasn’t on my radar or bucket list, or any list at all. But then something happened . . .
You see, for many years now I’ve been in a business that I work on a part-time basis that has provided me with a what most people would consider a full-time income right along.

That by itself would be enough, but one of the extra side benefits of doing what I do is that there are frequent incentives that you can qualify for.

My favorite incentive is All-Expenses-Paid Trips to exotic locations all over the world.
How about you?

Does the thought of taking what amounts to the “Trip of a Lifetime” for FREE get you excited?
It gets me so excited and motivated to win those contests that I go all out to earn those trips . . . and have earned a number of them. In fact, I’ve been on over 20 All-Expenses-Paid trips since I started doing this.
Well, I had never ridden a camel in Morocco . . . or even thought about it . . . until I earned an all-expenses-paid trip to Costa del Sol in southern Spain. As on all the trips we’ve earned, we were treated like royalty. We stayed right near the Rock of Gibraltar and toured all over southern Spain.

It was a wonderful trip and one of the highlights was taking a day trip to Tangier in Morocco in northern Africa. We took a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar.

What a sight that Rock of Gibraltar is from the sea!

In Morocco, we toured the city and the Casbah (it was like being in an old movie!). Then we did some shopping and had a great Moroccan meal in a restaurant where the entertainment was a dancer with what looked like a chandelier with candles on it on his head!

Then we went for a camel ride before returning to the ferry for our trip back to Spain.

It was truly a Once-In-A-Lifetime experience!
One that I will always remember.
But the best part is that In my business, you have the opportunity to earn trips like that every year!

Which brings me to the purpose of this email.
I’m looking for a few good people to partner with me to help me expand my business and start their own business in order to receive for themselves the same rewards that I have enjoyed over all these years.
You see, that is how this business works. I get paid to help you succeed. It’s a win-win for both of us.
But I can only work with a limited number of people at a time.
If you would like to be considered, please contact me. By phone is the best way. If you get my voicemail, just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
But before you call, please consider this:
I’m looking for a special type of people. People who have a real reason to succeed. People who would get excited at the possibility that they could qualify for annual rewards like an All-Expenses-Paid trip to the south of Spain and Morocco. People who want to better their lives and the lives of others and who are not afraid to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals.

If that is you, please contact me right away.
I will explain everything. How it works, what you need to do, and everything you need to know to make an intelligent decision about whether this is something you would like to do or not.
And at the same time, we’ll both get a feel for whether it would be a good match for us to work together or not.
Yours in Success,

Peter Regan
[email protected]

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