Watch and learn what you missed in “The Secret.” Randy Gage shares his insights on how you actually manifest prosperity in your own life. Developing Prosperity Consciousness – The Law of Attraction – Randy Gage

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While many people struggle financially, feel hopeless, unfulfilled and unhappy–self-made multi-millionaire and professional author, Randy Gage is living the life of his dreams and experiencing all the joys of true prosperity. However, Gage recognized a real need to help people escape their life of desperation and has written a series of books called The Prosperity Series, to teach others the secrets and mindset necessary to manifesting health, wealth and total abundance in life. Developing the prosperity mindset to live the life of abundance, is a difficult statement for most people to comprehend or even understand that such a mindset exists. But in economic downtimes when people are searching for answers on how to better themselves and their lifestyle, understanding that prosperity is a state of mind is the one thing that will help pave the way to attaining true wealth and happiness in life. For more than 20 years, Randy Gage has been studying and applying the spiritual laws of prosperity to help people transform their lives to achieve their dreams of a life of abundance. In the 5 book prosperity series, Gage will share those concepts and beliefs to achieving a prosperity mindset. * How to identify self-limiting beliefs that hold you back; * The 5 common expressions used every day, which program you for failure on a subconscious level; * How to practice the “vacuum law” of prosperity to attract good in your life; * Imaging techniques to manifest things you want; * How you can actually program your own subconscious mind; * Secrets to expand your prosperity consciousness so you feel comfortable with great wealth; * Ways to identify and eliminate negative patterns and dysfunctional relationships; * How to recognize and disconnect from negative friends and family who want to hold you back; * Positive visualization techniques to improve scholastic results, athletic performance, and healing; * How to create the mindset to manifest great wealth in your life! Randy Gage is an expert in the arena of success, prosperity and developing a life of true abundance. His story of rising from a high school dropout to a self-made multi-millionaire inspires millions around the globe. His compelling journey of triumph over fear, self-doubt, and addiction, uniquely qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of peak performance and extraordinary human achievement. Randy has authored over 40 works, including the “Prosperity Mind” and “Accept Your Abundance” books, and the best selling audio albums “The Midas Mentality” and “Prosperity.” He is a former Chamber of Commerce president, civic leader, 10 year member of the National Speakers Association, and has been featured on talk shows, radio shows, and interviewed by many print publications.

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